04 janvier 2008

Updates, Let's have a GREAT NEW YEAR! BKLET for a g/friend, Canvas

Hehe !! it's been a lonnnng while there !! i thought it was time to post and to change a bit of a look (i mean not as good as some of blogs out-there which are amaaaazing !! but hey...i've got to pay more if i put a design on it so this one will do for me !!) Well, hope everyone had a good one ! for us ?? well, i CANNOT believe that with all the work that Tony put on building a nice veranda + finally a roof on, xmas party with the family was..... freeeeeezing and....everyone stayed inside...in front of the... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2007

LOs to share + Anais's book

Heyy meeee again !!  ... quick post there bcos ok... havent' been scrapping since my return but thought to show you ...btw... the LOs that i've done in nov. at Celine Navarro's class and Lusi's class at the Sydney Paper Craft Festival.  Had soo much fun doing those !! Titled 'Macopine'  (with RDG paper Picoti-picota colln...don't you looove ths range ??!! very bright, fun and happy colours !!) and....please note the cooool photoshop work from my friend MEL, she's done sooo many cool stuffs on... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2007

1MoreSleep and im off! chipboard bk, a Bag for Sister

yeahhhhh !! one more sleep and i'm off toNew Caledonia tomorrow early morning so i guess this is going to be my last post for a while...and if i have a chance to post there but i doubt bcos their broadband is sooo slow, then when we get back...we'll start moving house so...won't promise you exciting work for a while !!!  so...i'm packed...my suitcases are full of gifts, chocolates for relatives, only few pieces of clothes to look decent, and some of my scrappy stuffs for my workshops.  It's been such ... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2007

More 2share: WoodHanger 4Patricia

More to share.... Hey everyone !!! goshhh i am soooo hooked on this blogger thing !! hmm..no wonder no work is done !! oh well, yes, some stuffs are done come on !! i'm not superwoman but i do things !! ok ok.... posting that soooo cute Hanging open album from KaiserCraft (got it at Fred-the-needle in Penrith NSW (got the link on left column ...the website is not yet updated but ...go and see with your own eyes if your driving around there!!!!  If you've never been to Fred-the-Needle well...you're missing... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2007

Special bits and pieces for me... (Qlqs bricoles par-ci par-la....)

First of all, thank youuuuu all so very much for all the warm comments left for 'Angela' post. I didn't mean to sound/have a sad post but since my cousin sent me those fotos of that album that i made, i felt it was a sign for me to do  so. and you know ...that's why we all scrap don't we ? to remember things, to tell a story to even heal or understand better things or ourselves ect... So thank you again, it means so much to me... Lots of small exciting bits my way atm....and thank you Angie of Scrapscene ... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2007

FOR ANGELA.... (Pour Angela...)

A tribute for my little cousin Angela whose birthday would have been at end of this month. She would have been 38  y.o i think. It was nearly 32years ago when they all went to, what was going to be a nice day out picnic in a boat and turned out to be a trajedy when the boat exploded and Angela was burnt to all her body. She's then been transferred to a special burnt unit hospital in Tahiti, but after few months didn't survive. So last year for my uncle and aunty, thought to make a special book of her.  After... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2007

My Cool Bag ! (STep-by-step)

    Well, after few requests from interested ladies, i worked on posting the step-by-step of my soooo cool bag !! thanking again Rob for the technique !! geee !! Never thought that by attending an altered book class early last year (with stamping, mixed media style ect..), it would give me different ideas for my scrap !! so here it goes.... *make a photocopy of a chosen photo (can be a coloured one BUT MUST be a photocopy...something to do with the ink from the photocopy machine !) *apply a coat of GelMedium... [Lire la suite]
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28 août 2007

Something Different ? (qlq chose de different ? :)

Want Something different ?..   (Vs voulez Qlq chose de different ?)... Hi there ! i have allowed m/self to put a copy of the add from one of the shop in NewCaledonia where i've done some workshops last july.  I gave the suggestion to do some challenges and sell kits with prices to be won and cannot believe the huuuge response they had for this ! they sold up to 60kits !!!! can u believe this !! gosh i'm so glad and proud to have inspired so many and to have been part of this !! but look at the... [Lire la suite]
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11 août 2007

Star Book (Mon livre Etoile)

Hi Everyone !! another quick post before the big draw tomorrow !! :).....OK, this is my Star book.  It was the trend few years ago ...maybe 3 ?  and no...i didn't do this one this week (heyyy i'm not that good and that quick huh ?!??!? :) i did this one i think 2 years ago, but i thought to post it bcos it's still quite nice and neat. i wanted to try something complicated at that time (at least once), but now i've done it, that's it ! Very nice but you've got to use lots and lots of cardstocks (just to show... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2007

Some Thoughts...and CD Album

I don't really like to talk about religion (bcos it's a personal and private thing) ect.. specially that i want to concentrate on positive and 'crafty stuffs' in this blog,  but.. i must thank God above (who still here to watch over me) because of the nice things happening to me lately, eventhough some people (that i thought were friends) have been mean to me, and i don't know why bcos i think..i'm a nice and kindhearted person who would help everybody in everyway if i could, but it appears that ..maybe... [Lire la suite]
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