23 janvier 2008

ATC Swap with APC magz, Thank U Mimosa !!

Bonjour everyone ! i am so exhausted 2day ! had few girlfriends for lunch this avo (only 3 !) and ...their kids, in total 10 kids under one roof !! it went sooo well, and i ate soooo much, i'm googued out !! (is this how it is spelt ??) but it was so much fun having them around ! now that i have a bigger house, it's cool to invite friends over again !! well...cept when it's...a bit cold ! i mean the sun came on and off but at least, it didn't rain ! So a quick post to show you my ATC from Australian paper... [Lire la suite]
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19 janvier 2008

Finally some scrapping done !! CJ page ect...

Finally some scrappping done !! CJ page ect... Bonjour everyone !! Yayyyyyyyy !! finally done some scrapping since i moved house !! wasn't sure whether i was procrastinating bcos of lack of inspiration or... too many things to do and ...don't know where to start or...whatver !! but i've done couple of things yesterday that...can't show u yet.  BUT i also did 2 mini pages from a Circle Journal that i started last year with few talented girls from the Blue Mountains and although i had it since...oct 07 and... [Lire la suite]
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13 janvier 2008

BestWishes Cracker Card Instructions (Pas-a-pas carte Meilleurs Voeux)

Hi everyone ! well, i had so many emails and comments left to get instructions for this Craker card that... here it is just for U !!! (oh, just in case you might wonder why a 'New Year Best wishes card' if we're already past decembre ? well, unlike for australian and probably in the US, we send xmas cards together with NewYear's wishes.  In France and probably in Europe, you can send a xmas card separately and the NewYear wishes can be sent up to the 31st Jan.  Makes sense in a way doesn't it ... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2007

NEW House!! Xmas cards... loving Indoor Rock climbing!!

Yeahhhhh !! it's been a long long long time there !! and yayyyyyy we're in our NEW HOUSE !! ok ok everybody, before starting again, THANK YOUUUU sooo very much for all the encouragements and comments left while i was...deep in my boxes !! it really warms my heart ! and.... I WILL NEVER EVER MOVE AGAIN !!! oh myyy i tell u what, even DH was soooo crancky to see how much i've collected all those years of crafty stuffs !! i mean... fabrics, stamps, scrap stuffs everywhere !! oh boyyy !! we've moved to a bigger house... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2007

WE've got a new PrimeMinister!...LOs returned :(

We've got a new PrimeMinister!,... LOs returned.... Hello everybody !! no, i'm not going to talk about politic ect.. but yes, we do have a newly elected PrimeMinister of Australia: Kevin Rudd. Now...now...(for australians viewers who know Kevin Rudd's face) don't you think that the guy on the photo below looks like our new PM ?? no kidding !!and...he's my brother JL from New Caledonia (well...with a touch of asian) but then...i think Kevin Rudd does have a bit of an asian look in him  don't you think ??... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2007

Update on ..nothing:) , ThankU cards

Hi everyone !! well...yes i know i said i'll go slow on blogging but...i've got an hour here, so i thought to update a bit ! ....so...did i say last time i'd better go back to the gym ?? OHHH BOYYYYY !! I WAS soooo terrified when i got back to the gym this morning, went on the scale !! eeeerrkkk !! i cannot believe in 10 days on holidays, put on nearly 2 kgs !!! how could this be ??  ...lucky i have a little bit of a tan..so that...i look less ... wide !! ..and...then just a second ago, my friend Mimi from... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2007

Getting BAck into Cards...(Je me remets a mes cartes:)

My first love for craft has been with stamping/cardmaking since 1996 and for few years, i got stuck on plain embossing ect... It's only been since 2002 that a lady friend (Susan) inspired me to let my hair down and try few other techniques like mail art ect... and even had few publications in Australian magazines.  So bcos i've been drawn lately soo much on my scrap ..(and forgetting my stamps !! ....shhhhh got over 500 stamps but....i actually lost count !!) so,  i thought i'd better get back to my... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2007

Updates on Anais's trip, a LO and Guest Book

Hi Everyone !! well, been few days really really busy and stressed !! well...yes, Anais did make it to her flight....although the whole day was ...by the phone...remember they had strikes in New Caledonia, well...had few calls from Airline + Travel agency to say that...instead of 3pm flight, it would be ...7pm...then...again..another call to say...it will be ...10 PM !!!! ohhhh myyy, it was such a lonnnng day for everyone.  After so much excitement from Anais, finally at the airport, had dinner with her (oh... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2007

ATCs Swaps from FeeClochette (Echange de ATC)

ATCs swaps from FeeClochette....     ...another xtra quick post to show what i got this week from my online friend of Belgium FeeClochette, we decided to swap some ATCs (stands for Artist Trading Cards) and....omg !! i have been spoiled !! she sent me 3 !! how cool !!  well ...sending a letter to Europe is ...pretty ..not cheap...so next time ..yeahhh i think i'll throw a couple or 3 ! and the 'Beauty' in pink is mine to her !! We opted for the Vintage.  Aren't they cool ??? and no wonder that at... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2007

MEL's SIS Digi-kit....

Mel's SIS Digi-kit .... Okkkkk....i'll be quick on this one as well !! Lots of things i want to do/organize during this last week of school holiday !! and...Look ---> .....got Mel's Digi-kit !! woohooo !! oh well... part of it bcos i'm ...oh sooo computer illiterate i downloaded only part of it ...doh !!!!  and printed them rather than used them as 'Digi' but anyway....been sooo inspired by her pp, look what i've done already with it !!  (sorry Mel...i used your pp but i still haven't used ....your... [Lire la suite]
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