24 décembre 2007

MERRY XMAS 2007 to U all ! JOYEUX NOEL 2007 a tous!!

Hi everyone !! B4 starting, Thanks to everyone for your kind words re my ....end of the year adventures ! After dropping the bomb to DH, it actually wasn't so bad bcos just found out that....phewwww !! insurance is covering over half of the bill, so... still a huuuge amount that i could have spent on ourselves but heyy, it's not too bad considering..... Anyway, here is the biggest day for lots of children around the globe ! where everyone goes a bit mad in the shops...although around the Blue mountains, was... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2007

...no xmas stuffs 4me :(... Bright Xmas cards

Hi there again !! well, i know everyone of this world is pretty...stressed or busy for the last few days b4 the white bearded  man comes but...will he come for everyone ?? snif snif...NOT ME!!! ( i know, xmas is all about family and little Jesus ect... but hey...that's when you sort of allow y/self to splurge a bit dont' you ?? well i know, i do it anyway !!) Anyway, you will never guess what !!! last June, i must have been over-confident there, and....reversed into a lady's car.  Haven't heard... [Lire la suite]
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19 décembre 2007

My Messy Studio, Found Treasures, One more Xmas card!

i everyone !! you know what ? it's been nearly 2 weeks that i've moved in our new house and when i thought i was doing pretty ok, my DH got the crank with me 'AGAIN' this week and told me to 'GET MY STUFFS OUT OF THE KIDS ROOM' !!!!! oh myyyyy that was another stressful day ! so....i am really really really trying to be ruthless and...get rid of things. i mean ok, things are ....EVERYWHERE !! sighhhh.... BUT....i can't throw away everything can i ??? i dare not showing you my ...messy Studio there.... i actually... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2007

NEW House!! Xmas cards... loving Indoor Rock climbing!!

Yeahhhhh !! it's been a long long long time there !! and yayyyyyy we're in our NEW HOUSE !! ok ok everybody, before starting again, THANK YOUUUU sooo very much for all the encouragements and comments left while i was...deep in my boxes !! it really warms my heart ! and.... I WILL NEVER EVER MOVE AGAIN !!! oh myyy i tell u what, even DH was soooo crancky to see how much i've collected all those years of crafty stuffs !! i mean... fabrics, stamps, scrap stuffs everywhere !! oh boyyy !! we've moved to a bigger house... [Lire la suite]
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