28 novembre 2007

Moving soon,.. Indoor RockClimbing, LOs to share, TimHOltz storage

Hi there !! ok ok another quick post there bcos.... my official moving date is for the 1st dec. and you know what ?? OH MY GOOODDDD !! IT'S IN 3 DAYS !!!! so ok this will be my last post bcos got to transfer the phone line soon ect... start putting things in boxes and ....oh ...whatver...sooooo many things to do !! can you tell i'm stressed ?? ...So thank you sooo much for everyone who left a comment to encourage me for my 'Health program' and my 'Move', i really really appreciate this ! Anyway also posting... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2007

WE've got a new PrimeMinister!...LOs returned :(

We've got a new PrimeMinister!,... LOs returned.... Hello everybody !! no, i'm not going to talk about politic ect.. but yes, we do have a newly elected PrimeMinister of Australia: Kevin Rudd. Now...now...(for australians viewers who know Kevin Rudd's face) don't you think that the guy on the photo below looks like our new PM ?? no kidding !!and...he's my brother JL from New Caledonia (well...with a touch of asian) but then...i think Kevin Rudd does have a bit of an asian look in him  don't you think ??... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2007

Counting down on..my move, EverydayGarbage #5 'Tickets', STamped Tees

Counting down ... on my move, EverydayGarbage #5 Tickets, Stamped tees I've been talking about my move for 2-3 weeks, but really deep inside, i've been procrastinating bcos...i mean...check this out !! CAN U IMAGINE HOW ?? just my OWN stuffs, it's going to be such a BIIIIG job to move !!  and on the foto it looks pretty well..for some.. tidy but...there are soooo many things i own !! i'm even sure that ...i might discover things that i wasn't aware or forgot i had  !!! phewwwwww... it's going to be... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2007

LOs to share + Anais's book

Heyy meeee again !!  ... quick post there bcos ok... havent' been scrapping since my return but thought to show you ...btw... the LOs that i've done in nov. at Celine Navarro's class and Lusi's class at the Sydney Paper Craft Festival.  Had soo much fun doing those !! Titled 'Macopine'  (with RDG paper Picoti-picota colln...don't you looove ths range ??!! very bright, fun and happy colours !!) and....please note the cooool photoshop work from my friend MEL, she's done sooo many cool stuffs on... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2007

Update on ..nothing:) , ThankU cards

Hi everyone !! well...yes i know i said i'll go slow on blogging but...i've got an hour here, so i thought to update a bit ! ....so...did i say last time i'd better go back to the gym ?? OHHH BOYYYYY !! I WAS soooo terrified when i got back to the gym this morning, went on the scale !! eeeerrkkk !! i cannot believe in 10 days on holidays, put on nearly 2 kgs !!! how could this be ??  ...lucky i have a little bit of a tan..so that...i look less ... wide !! ..and...then just a second ago, my friend Mimi from... [Lire la suite]
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17 novembre 2007

Back from holiday...RAkfrom LU, CD cover from Mimi...

Heyyy everyone !! well first of all big thank youuuu for everyone's visit and kind words while i was away on holiday ! and a biiiiig thank youuuu to LU who has been sooo kind to send me a RAK from the Marah Johnson Colln...wowwww, sooo cool stuffs !! thank u thank u again Lu, i know you've been busy preparing your wedding !! ..still couple of weeks to go ?? wish you all the very best and i know you will look absolutely stunning !!  Anyway, ..check it out ...loooove it !! ====> Coucou tt le monde !!... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2007

1MoreSleep and im off! chipboard bk, a Bag for Sister

yeahhhhh !! one more sleep and i'm off toNew Caledonia tomorrow early morning so i guess this is going to be my last post for a while...and if i have a chance to post there but i doubt bcos their broadband is sooo slow, then when we get back...we'll start moving house so...won't promise you exciting work for a while !!!  so...i'm packed...my suitcases are full of gifts, chocolates for relatives, only few pieces of clothes to look decent, and some of my scrappy stuffs for my workshops.  It's been such ... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2007

2More sleeps!! Xciting week! (encore 2 nuits!!)

Oh boyyyy !!! did i have a busy, eXCIIIIITED week !!! woohooooo !!! finally that big day when i met the very soo talented and cool CELINE NAVARRO !!!!!! OH MYY GOOOD!!! I Couldn't miss her, and i think she recognised me too !!! so sweeeeeet, soooo coool, sooooo talented, soooo bubbly Celine !! i loooove you Celine !! the highlight of the week for me !! i was sooo looking forward to it, and so excited that...got a headache at the end !! i did a class and was sooo awesome and learnt few interesting bits and pieces... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2007

EverydayGarbage Challg #4

EveryDay Garbage Challenge #4 Hi Everyone...another quick post again !! well...hope everyone had a good Halloween celebration !! It's not as big in here in Australia, but you do see it a bit now and then and yes, i think it's a fun thing...well...except from our surburb in the Blue Mountains where it is a no-action street !! Poor Nicky really wanted to do it so... helped him to get dressed and went along with him...well....i felt sorry for him...absolutely nothing...not even a breakfast bar to play along from the... [Lire la suite]
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