31 octobre 2007

5 more sleeps!! (encore 5 nuits !!)..

5 more sleeps !!  ....(encore 5 nuits !!....) Woww ....counting down ....5 more sleeps for us b4 we fly to New caledonia !! woohooo getting excited,...stressed ...(bcos my suitcases are full, heavy and...i still need to put more stuffs in !! :( .....more stuffs to organize for the house before we go....and and...2 more sleeps to finally meet my french idol, my french inspiration CELINE NAVARRO at the Paper crafts Festival ...woooohoooo !! something i was really really looking forward !! Celine seems to be... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2007

Getting BAck into Cards...(Je me remets a mes cartes:)

My first love for craft has been with stamping/cardmaking since 1996 and for few years, i got stuck on plain embossing ect... It's only been since 2002 that a lady friend (Susan) inspired me to let my hair down and try few other techniques like mail art ect... and even had few publications in Australian magazines.  So bcos i've been drawn lately soo much on my scrap ..(and forgetting my stamps !! ....shhhhh got over 500 stamps but....i actually lost count !!) so,  i thought i'd better get back to my... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2007

Updates on Anais's trip, a LO and Guest Book

Hi Everyone !! well, been few days really really busy and stressed !! well...yes, Anais did make it to her flight....although the whole day was ...by the phone...remember they had strikes in New Caledonia, well...had few calls from Airline + Travel agency to say that...instead of 3pm flight, it would be ...7pm...then...again..another call to say...it will be ...10 PM !!!! ohhhh myyy, it was such a lonnnng day for everyone.  After so much excitement from Anais, finally at the airport, had dinner with her (oh... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2007

10,000 HIts !!

Already 10,000 hits !! Woww !! i just realized this morning that...my counter has hit over 10,000 ! how cool is this ??  never thought that it would reach that many some day....so thank you so much to all of you who visits me, hope i have inspired you and will always inspire you and come back often and one day, let me know what you think of my work, it's sooo encouraging for me ! and and....Anais's big day 2day to take the plane by herself to New Caledonia...well...except that i found out yesterday ... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2007

OLW, Challg with 'NUMBERS', Grunge LO, ThankU Lilou!

OLW, Challenge with 'Numbers', Grunge LO, thank u Lilou ! Hi everyone...ok...yessss another quick post there....i've got 30 kits to prepare for my demo in New Caledonia...phewww nearly there !!! So firstly sharing with you my OneLittleWord LO 'Believe' ...in the spirit of xmas  ....hmmm i think i meant ...in the magic of xmas but....it was tooo late !! oh well ...it will do ! and well....yes it was a foto i was going to use for my xmas cards for my family ...never mind ! shhhhh...they might be too busy to... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2007

1st Guest GarbageGirl ! (1ere a etre invite'e chez EVerydayGarbage!)

1st Guest Garbage Girl !! ....(1ere a etre invitee chez Everyday Garbage !!) HI every one, another quick post, since i'm busy preparing Anais's trip next week (big step for us parents to leave your own child to go in a plane on her own ! she'll go first to New Caledonia in a school with my girlfriend's daughter to practice her french, then we'll go later on, and also for me to do few workshops there !! and....wooohoooo !! what an excitement for me !!! i have been invited to be the very first Guest at Everyday... [Lire la suite]
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13 octobre 2007

My 1st 6x12 album! (mon tout 1er 15x30!)

...Hi there !! okkkk another quick post since we're coming to the end of school holidays and...haven't done much of what i was supposed to do and...i think i've given myself too many unrealistic tasks so....starting to stress a bit ....so i'm sharing with you my ever first 6x12 album that i finally finished!! Sooooo much fun doing this !! it's just in the middle of the 12x12 (being sometimes big...and the mini-album..being sometimes too mini !!).  All pages of the album are there except one that can't put... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2007

ATCs Swaps from FeeClochette (Echange de ATC)

ATCs swaps from FeeClochette....     ...another xtra quick post to show what i got this week from my online friend of Belgium FeeClochette, we decided to swap some ATCs (stands for Artist Trading Cards) and....omg !! i have been spoiled !! she sent me 3 !! how cool !!  well ...sending a letter to Europe is ...pretty ..not cheap...so next time ..yeahhh i think i'll throw a couple or 3 ! and the 'Beauty' in pink is mine to her !! We opted for the Vintage.  Aren't they cool ??? and no wonder that at... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2007

MEL's SIS Digi-kit....

Mel's SIS Digi-kit .... Okkkkk....i'll be quick on this one as well !! Lots of things i want to do/organize during this last week of school holiday !! and...Look ---> .....got Mel's Digi-kit !! woohooo !! oh well... part of it bcos i'm ...oh sooo computer illiterate i downloaded only part of it ...doh !!!!  and printed them rather than used them as 'Digi' but anyway....been sooo inspired by her pp, look what i've done already with it !!  (sorry Mel...i used your pp but i still haven't used ....your... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2007

OneLittleWord 'Gone'

Hi everyone !! this is going to be a quick post...since it's school holiday, and between juggling entertaining my kids, do a spring cleaning of the house, preparing our other house to move (yeahhh soon soon soon !!), and preparing my workshops for New Caledonia, well...didn't think i'd be up for theOneLittleWord....But....i did it !! i used bits and pieces of...my old stash...you know that KI memories pp (but heyyy still sooo cool !) pieces of felt here and there...and those ghost alphabets from Heidi Swapp that i... [Lire la suite]
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