31 août 2007

Something happened.... (qulq chose s'est passe'.....)

sorry ladies, don't have NEW LOs to post, i've got sooo many things to do and yet...don't know where to start (you probably heard all this b4 with me !!).  Anyway, just thought to tell you that...something happened this week....noooo nothing exciting !! oh well for me it is still !! early on this month, someone stole Nicky's bike which was on the side of our house.  So you can imagine, i was sooooo appalled and so outraged about this ! specially in our little 'lost' surburb of the Blue Mountains ! i ... [Lire la suite]
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28 août 2007

Something Different ? (qlq chose de different ? :)

Want Something different ?..   (Vs voulez Qlq chose de different ?)... Hi there ! i have allowed m/self to put a copy of the add from one of the shop in NewCaledonia where i've done some workshops last july.  I gave the suggestion to do some challenges and sell kits with prices to be won and cannot believe the huuuge response they had for this ! they sold up to 60kits !!!! can u believe this !! gosh i'm so glad and proud to have inspired so many and to have been part of this !! but look at the... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2007

I'm baack... it's going to b a lonng post :)...suis de retour...ca va etre un long poste :)

Hello everyone ! well little break but...after 3 days honestly, i had withdrawals from not blogging !! Anyway, haven't been creating much but just to catch-up with my dear friend who has been sick (with breast cancer, but she is going to be fine and she's soo positive!) Life is unfair at times...she is such a beautiful person inside and outside ! i'll pray for her all will be well).  And what have i been up-to ?  oh myyy ...my very very special day !! yes !! it was this week that i turnED ...ho ho 40... [Lire la suite]
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14 août 2007

Little Blog-break :)... Pause-blog :)

Having a little break from blogging....(Petite pause-cafe' sur mon blog pour un p'tit moment !) Hey everyone, THANK YOU sooooo much for the cool recent comments, it's so fantastic to read you all and it means soooo much to me ! However, got to have a little break from blogging ...for a little while -sorry for this!- have few things on my mind and to do. So...hopefully will be back in couple of weeks ?? Hope to read you again !! so...have good scrapping weeks and will See you soon !! (Heyyy But i'll still read my ... [Lire la suite]
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12 août 2007

And the Winner is...(ET la gagnante est...)

    ....drums please......and the winner is :  (....bruits des tambours svp !!)...et la gagnante est: CONGRATULATIONS TO: FELICITATIONS A :  Lolotte de 'Scraplolotte.canalblog.com !! (Alors, tu m'envoies ton adresse STP et je t'enverrais ta petite boite a surprises !!!) and big big THANK YOU to everyone who visited me (102 comments all together!! ...counted by Anais my daughter !!) heyyy and hope you still come to visit !!! thank you again ! et un tres tres grand MERCI a tout le... [Lire la suite]
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11 août 2007

Star Book (Mon livre Etoile)

Hi Everyone !! another quick post before the big draw tomorrow !! :).....OK, this is my Star book.  It was the trend few years ago ...maybe 3 ?  and no...i didn't do this one this week (heyyy i'm not that good and that quick huh ?!??!? :) i did this one i think 2 years ago, but i thought to post it bcos it's still quite nice and neat. i wanted to try something complicated at that time (at least once), but now i've done it, that's it ! Very nice but you've got to use lots and lots of cardstocks (just to show... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2007

Eary Draw this Sunday ! (Tirage pour ce dimanche)

Hi there, sorry for this, but i've got to draw my lucky winner of the goody box this sunday (18/08), since lots of things are happening, lots of unfinished projects to finish, g/friend very sick that i've got to see next week in the city ect...  In the meantime, thank you so much for regularly checking my artwork and leaving lovelly comments, it means a lot to me !  Also more LOs here to share, photos of some great girls who inspire me, we went to the w-end retreat earlier this year and as guest... [Lire la suite]
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06 août 2007

Going Vintage...(Un peu de Vintage :)

Hi Everyone ! well...let's do some vintage/heritage LOs for a change ?!?!(Well...the 'vintage style' since someone commented and said vintage/heritage was for the 1920,30,40!)  So: First page 'Souvenir -1967' is for August challenge from a french site ScrapNscrap where you had to use lots of mail art stuffs ....so...here got ALL my stamps out !  i usually use those stamps for cards, it's my first time for a LO...me think ! (well...i'm a bit of a lazy girl bcos...yeahh i've got to clean ALL those stamps... [Lire la suite]
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03 août 2007

Recycling anyone ? (Du re-cycle' pour ql'1 ??)

Recycling anyone ?? (Du re-cycle' pour ql'1 ??)... We live in the world where plastic is used everywhere and for everything so... what do you do after using it ?  Well...reuse-it, re-cycle it ! Well ...ok, not acid-free there, but hey...it's my choice for this ! So here is a LO with cut-out shapes from milk bottles (washed of course !!) through an accu-cut machine and also...used the thingy bit from the bread loaf ! that i covered with paterned pp.  Also set of cards using the same stuffs published in... [Lire la suite]
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01 août 2007

MY Special Month: AUGUST! (Mon Mois Special: AOUT:)

My Special Month : August !  (Mon mois special: Aout) Hey there ! This is my special month bcos...it's august...and...it's my birthday month .  So ..i feel kind of good, positive, well within myself ect... it's a celebration ! (well, cept the fact that i'm turning ...40 !! I guess i should embrace it and ...be happy ! and ...I AM !!!  anyway also bcos i'm feeling good, so i thought to give someone as well a little something.  So...for every comments left and..also to wish me a Happy Birthday... [Lire la suite]
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