31 juillet 2007

A scrapping week...

Well...after looking and looking and looking, at my previous post, eventhough 'simplicity' can be nice, i thought my pages were a bit ...too simple. So i'm back with ...a little more !  (Alors...apres avoir regarde' mon dernier article poste', et meme si la  'simplicite' est tjs jolie a regarder, je trouvais que mes 3 dernieres pages etaient ...un peu trop simple.  Alors me voila...a la charge! ...ou non, juste ce qu'il fo !! *'Moi...a bientot 40'  ....('Me ... at nearly 40): Beautiful... [Lire la suite]
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30 juillet 2007


ROCKIN GIRL BLOGGER !!! Waoww ! I am touched and honoured, Lolote (from France) chose me ! It's now my turn to choose 5 other online friends ! It's more essentially to make new blogs known OR online friends who are extra talented who deserve this as well.  So here they are: Un Honneur!!! Lolotte m'a choisi !Maintenant à moi de choisir 5 personnes!! Il s'agit essentiellement de faire connaitre soit des nouveaux blogs soit des blogs qui n'ont pas encore beaucoup de visiteurs ou encore des blogs de... [Lire la suite]
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27 juillet 2007

BACK to Normal ???

Wowww !! Since i got back, there are sooo many things to do, to catch-up and to plan.  Had a couple of requests to have a tutorial which i'm working on or even challenges (don't know yet how to plan this but...will keep u posted for this ....maybe a post with some techniques ect...Also some photos of LOs that i've done just this week. ('OMG!' is from the TwoGirlsChallenges (i glued some 'precious stones' look-alike with a dot of 3D fabric paint in glitter, press slightly onto cardstock and...voila !!)...easy to... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2007

I'M BAAACK..... (suis de retouuuur !!)

I'M BACK...and my head is full of good memories to share ! (je suis de retour et ma tete est pleine de bons souvenirs a partager !) YEAHHH i'm back ! Rewinding:.. on 17July07:... i was sooo excited, it was already a good day (bcos i had my 5mn fame with Creapassions !) then headed off to the airport...with an excess luggage !! Oh dear...guess how much i paid for this !!....a whopping A$216 !!! CAN U B/LIEVE THIS ?? I nearly cried ! but then thought ..oh well HAD TO take all i had to take anyway. Lots of... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2007


Today is ZE Day !!! Yeayyyy !! just few hours to go, and i'm off to the airport !!! i AM SOOO EXCITED !!! also...didn't think i felt this way but....i had little tears bcos i already ...miss my kids !!  Anyway, i'm sure i'll have plenty of fun but it's just the...departure.  I hate departures !!  Ok also...a very very very exciting little something special today as well.  Emmanuele Prot the founder of a french site, who discovered my blog, has invited me to me profiled !!  I am sooo... [Lire la suite]
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16 juillet 2007

Not long to go and... still busy !!

Not long to go and...still busy !! It's getting closer !! i AM SOO EXCITED !!! Anyway, just another quick post ...this is Mel's (Melanie Moor) birthday card that i've made !! (She's already got it !) so i can post it here, using one of her beautiful stamp range ..hope you like it Mel !!  and again, Happy Birthday to you ...if i don't get to a computer this wednesday !! Ca y est, c'est pour bientot !!! ahhh j'ai vraiment hate !! Avant...encore un autre petit poste...avec une carte d'anniversaire que j'ai... [Lire la suite]
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14 juillet 2007

Oh Myy...nearly didn't get on the plane! (ohlaa j'ai failli pas prendre l'avion!!

Another quick post here:....OMG !! CAN U B-LIEVE THIS ? I have booked my flight ticket online some...3 wks ago and for some reason, felt something wasn't right.  Didn't get any confo or emails ect... SO 2 days ago..decided to check the website:...nothing.  Rang the bank to check if my CR card has been debited...nothing !!! NOW a rush of panic and stress is going up the scale !! HOW COULD THIS BE ?? I then rang urgently my local travel agent, booked my ticket, paid the day after and....phewwwww !! I... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2007

Counting Down... (compte a rebours...)

Counting down the days now .... woohooo !! it's getting exciting !! Haven't packed my suitcase yet...but...getting there (i just want to leave a tiny room so that Mel can fit in it !!...better put some chocolate in for her as well !! LOL !!)  Anyway, went to Mel's class last monday, got to see Marie and Sian with Johnny, it was so much fun ! MUST do this again everyone !! We used Mel's beautiful paper range, so here are two LOs that i've done so far ! Ca y est, le compte a rebours !! c'est pour... [Lire la suite]
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07 juillet 2007

Some Thoughts...and CD Album

I don't really like to talk about religion (bcos it's a personal and private thing) ect.. specially that i want to concentrate on positive and 'crafty stuffs' in this blog,  but.. i must thank God above (who still here to watch over me) because of the nice things happening to me lately, eventhough some people (that i thought were friends) have been mean to me, and i don't know why bcos i think..i'm a nice and kindhearted person who would help everybody in everyway if i could, but it appears that ..maybe... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2007

Busy preparing stuffs....

    Have been sooo busy preparing stuffs for my workshops coming soon.....very very very messy...i know !!  But that's how i get very creative !! (Je suis en train de faire pleiiiins de choses en ce moment pour preparer mes ateliers ....mon p'tit coin est tres tres tres ....desordonne'... mais c'est comme ca que je travaille, et c'est comme ca que l'inspiration me vient ! ) oh oh oh !! and check out my found treasure !! How goooooorgeous are these !!! I bet i'm the only lucky girl in the Blue... [Lire la suite]
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