25 juin 2007

Beaudiful w-end with Beaudiful People :)


I had such a great week-end ! It was also a beautiful day  on saturday, we started first at having Tony's birthday cake when Simon (Tony's son) came with Lena, then went to..beautiful ?!??! Lithgow for Nicky's soccer training, then had lunch at a pub in Mt victoria, then had a quick browse at Katoomba for the Winter Magic festival.  Pity we missed the parade, but it was quite interesting to see people dressed up ect... Then, although it got cold towards the night brrrrrrr !!! i met up with Carole and Sebastien and it's soooo good to see you guys !! Haven't seen them for nearly 9 or 10 years ? (ok...., Carole is a great friend from New Caledonia who settled some 20 years ago here in Australia(we meet in an english language lab).  We've done so much together here, well i guess the party side was more with Sebast her younger brother since she raised all by h/self her son Jonathan who... i cannot believe is already ...20 y.o !!) Anyway, it was sooo much fun to see them again and them to meet Anais and Nicky. Hopefully will meet them again for ....my ....40th birthday !!  Then sunday morning TaeKwonDo grading for Anais and Nicky at Springwood at...8.45 AM !!! By the way...they all passed !! then a fun birthday party back at blackheath.  Phewww ! that was a busy one but...so much fun ...(well despite few disappointing  attitude from some people !!) Anyway, enjoy the photos (not really good i must say !)

(Wahhh un super w-end bien charge', 1erement on a coupe' le gato d'anniv. de Tony le sam.matin lorsque son fils Simon est arrive' avec sa copine Lena, ensuite, on est alle voir Nicky jouer au foot, ensuite lunch dans un pub de Mt Victoria, ensuite flanner en vitesse a Katoomba pour le Festival d'hiver, ensuite, malgre' qu'il faisait plutot glagla, j'ai revue Carole et Sebastien pour diner.  C'etait vraiment super de tous vous revoir !! cela faisait peut-etre ...9 ou 10 ans ?? et...ils n'ont pas change', sauf Carole qui a les cheveux longs, ca lui va super bien d'ailleurs !! Ensuite dim. matin a 8.45 les examens de TaeKwonDo de Anais et Nicky, et ouais, ts les enfants ont reussis !! c'etait trop mignon ! ensuite on est revenu sur Blackheath pour un anniversaire de la copine d'Anais.  Bien charge' mais un week-end super sympa ! je vous laisse apprecier mes fotos...pas tres reussi d'ailleurs !! **n'oubliez pas de me laisser un p'tit commentaire !!**


What a busy weekend!!!! Sounds like fun! It's nice to catch up with old friends, isn't it?! ( your photos are FINE Brigitte! Don't be so critical of your stuff!!!
xx Mel


Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!! Great photos!!
Xx Jess


Hi Brigitte, it certainly was fab seeing you again! And yes, after how many years again?!  :p 
The kids are absolutely gorgeous! We'll certainly see you again at your... mmm... next bday maybe.
Many hugs to you, the kids and Tony.
Take good care, Seb & Paul


Joyeux Anniversaire à Tony, je savais qu'il était Gémeaux comme signe du Zodiaque donc du mois de juin mais la date je ne la savais pas.
Heureux anniversaire donc à Tony....
Les enfants ont bien grandi et restent toujours aussi beaux. Encore une fois tu t'es surpassée à organiser un week-end très chargé digne de Brigitte....Qu'est-ce qu'elles ont les photos ?
Moi sincèrement je les trouve super et très représentatifs de ton week-end.Non, t'en fais pas photos très sympas....
Sur ces dernières lignes, je te laisse et gros bisous à vous tous...
Tatie Orance


Salut Brigitte!

D fotos r fine. It was great to catch up with u after so many years & meeting ur lovely children in that busy wk'end. BTW, fantastic for them to pass the Taekwondo. Pity Tony wasn't here too on sat'night, but lucky there is always other time.

Seems like fun and great creative ideas that you are sharing in ur blog! I like them. Good stuff & keep inspired! We might order in close future!

Gros bisous a tout le monde


wow you had a very busy weekend, i cant wait to have my weekends free so we can do things as a family.

zsa zsa zsu

coucou Brigitte,
ce sont les enfants qui ont dû s'éclater pendant ce Week-end...
Gros bisous @ tous, Nat de Tahiti



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