15 juin 2007

Have you ever.....



done or even imagined how 41 ATCs would look like ?  Well....here it is !  These are my 41 ATCs for the swap that i have participated with Australian Paper Crafts Magazine since last year.  We started with a mere 17 participants, and few months down the track with its popularity, we are a....whopping 41 participants !!!  That has been soooo much fun doing them and receiving lots of mini artwork from everyone, however, due to a lot of things happening at the moment here, i decided that it would be better for me to get m/self off the list, so i can fully concentrate on other things better. i'll be missing that, but hey, can't do everything ! (The theme for this issue was: 'Winter')

(Pouvez-vous imaginez 41 petites cartes d'echanges ? ben...les voila ! ce sont mes cartes d'echanges que j'ai participe' a travers un magazine australien depuis l'annee derniere.  On avait commence' avec 17 sur la liste, et qlqs mois apres, on arrive a ...41 !! J'ai trouve' ca super d'y participer et de recevoir pleins de petites oeuvres d'art de gens differents, mais je crois qu'il est temps de laisser place a autres choses.  Ca va me manquer mais....j'ai tellement d'autres choses a faire et je ne peux helas...pas tout faire!!) BB.





These are really pretty!! Love the blue wintery feel!! But whats an ATC??



Wow!! That 's a lot of ATC's !!!.....I know ( think ) they're trading cards but what does the A stand for???
catch you soon
xx Mel



looks really lovely but i dont know what ATC are.
but it looks like a lot of work.


DELBAR Brigitte

J'adore *__*
c'est fait aux tampons ?

brigitte de France


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