30 mai 2007

RougeDeGarance Challenge (4 the fun of it :)

Rouge de Garance Challenge (Just for the fun of it !) Just thought to do Rouge de Garance challenge just for the fun of it ! (I know, as if i didn't have enough stuffs to do !...and i know, i have used similar photo of Anais in previous LO, but it was the only one that i had in hand already printed in big size). And as you know how much i loooove RDG papers, not only because their papers is fantastic, but also...it's french !! so... couldn't help to do it ! Requirements to use: colour red/pink/orange, a big photo... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2007

Cybercrop Papers&Things -Round3Week5-

Hey i thought to share my challenge from the CyberCrop Papers & things (Wentworth falls). Theme: What Moves You.  I titled it: 'My precious Feet': must have: at least 3 photos, at least 5 eyelets, at least 3 kinds of patterned papers and at least 1 craft punched shape.  Didn't think i'd have time to do it this week, it's been sooo busy don't know where to put my head and where to start, but hey.. a challenge is a challenge ! and it was quite interesting to do it.  Tell me what ya think !! ... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2007

Just4U Lolo!! (Juste pour toi Lolo!!)

I'm very into dedicating pages to special people lately, i think it's a nice way to recognize  the impact that particular person has on me whether on a creative level or in my life in general.  So this one is for my half sister Lolo !  She's been through a lot and came out of the dark, stopped smoking, ...put on few kilos but i'd say:'Come on girl, u can do it !' Sure we age and naturally kilos goes here and there, but we still can get there slowly but surely. (My husband always tells me: be happy with... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2007

Cybercrop Papers&Things -Round3 Week4-

I cannot believe i finally got to do my first CyberCrop ! Thanks to Sian who got me into it !  Theme:  Mum, what to use: at least 1 hinge, at least 6 pieces of ribbons, something white, some journalling, and some letter stickers.  Considering the short timeframe i had (got a couple of days to think about if i could actually do it, then did the LO, then registered, then ...clicked, then,...done !! i'm quite happy with the final result ! i even used Mel's new paper line ! tell me what u think ! ... [Lire la suite]
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17 mai 2007

Been busy but loving it :)

Have been really busy lately (helping at the children's school whenever i can, sports activities for the kids, I mean...being their taxi driver ! and also still doing french class also for kids !  On top of this, still making time for my 'Me time' doing creative stuffs ie: memorabilia box for baby Daniela below post).  and not to mention my Circle Journal that's starting NOW !!  and geeee ! Miss Sian !! lucky u said you were slow at doing things ! Yes ! Sian has already passed hers on to me.  Woohooo ..under... [Lire la suite]
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17 mai 2007

For Baby Daniella

    This cute little box is for my girlfriend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. (Didn't have as much time as for her first baby, for which i made a quilt, specially that i had to discretly get those photos, + ring her Mum to get details ect...) but i though she'd like this cute memorabilia box with matching card, specially for Daniela !).  Hope you like it Lorissa ! (Ce petit kdo, je l'ai fait speciallement pour une copine qui vient d'avoir une petite... [Lire la suite]
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15 mai 2007

Just for the Talented Mel Moor

I allow myself to present you with the beautiful scrapbooking papers designed by our beautiful and so talented Mel Moor  !  For the locals of the Blue Mountains, it is NOW available at Scrapbook Papers and Things and all other stores and for international interests, go to www.stampit.com.au and type 'Melanie Moor' under the search box. You will be amazed with all her range of stamps she has designed herself too (over 100s!) and her new paper line.   I just love these papers and have already seen what Mel has... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2007

Fell in love with RougeDeGarance (It's French!!)

      Only last month, I discovered Rouge de Garance (yeahhh !! a french line of scrapbooking stuffs !) and instantly fell in love with it !  I mean, yes, with a paper name like 'fleur de tiare'  how could i not fall for it !  (it's the emblem flower of Tahiti !)  Just love it !  it's bright, summery, very tropical, very Tahiti !!   so here are my LOs of Anais and Nicky, photos taken ...of course, in Tahiti on our trip last year to see my Mum. (Le mois dernier,... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2007

Transfer of Typepad blog... '10 MAY 2007'

Time to seriously say goodbye to my old blog with Typepad.. i don't see the point of paying ...even if it's only few dollars a month but i will try to transfer as many Layouts done as possible just for reference :) Il est temps de dire AUREVOIR a mon vieux blog de Typepad... je ne vois pas le point de payer meme si c'est seulement qlqs dollars par mois alors...j'essaierais de transferer le maximum de pages sur Canalblog juste histoire de se donner une reference pour plutard :) ***I have FINALLY done my LayOut with Elsie ! it's been... [Lire la suite]
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